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The World's Most Innovative Steel Building Design


1.Turkish Olive Cape Town

In order to maximize the expansion of Istanbul's Marmara vision, the stylist designed a complex project named "Olive Cape Town". The design is by the rolling arc building composition, the modelling of the facade consists of a series of balcony grid, including residential, commercial and public spaces.

light steel building

2.Osaka, Japan to wave city park

Osaka Namba Park in Japan is a perfect building that looks like a sky garden. It is in a new business district. It combines the functions of intercity trains, subways and other transportation hubs with offices, light steel hotels and houses. It is a successful urban complex developed in Japan. Representative project.

light steel hotel

3.Myzeil Business Center, Frankfurt, Germany

The design concept of the project is to build a comprehensive light steel building in a large area of 105,000 square meters. The amorphous roof landscape and the canyon design concept are reflected in this case.

light steel building

4.Harbin Gemini Top Landmark Complex

Spatial Practice designed the Gemini top-level landmark complex for Harbin High-speed Railway West Railway Station. The project includes office buildings, high-end residential buildings and commercial districts, which will be built into a top-level complex integrating shopping, entertainment, office and residential functions.

steel residential building

5.Korea Tianan Galleria centercity department store

Retail stores are highly social spaces, and this department store has designed the building itself as a focal point for cultural exchanges, providing customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. In lighting design, UNstudio integrates specially designed computer animations to create a structured medium that conveys a wide range of colors and effects.

steel department store

6.Lyon "Orange Cube", France

The vibrant orange-red color echoes the grey buildings and the turquoise waters of the port, bringing a fresh culture to Lyon's old water transport industrial zone.

Steel structure building

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