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Group photo of customers who have long-term cooperation with Putian


PTH has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.  We have a wide range of products, including steel structure buildingcontainer houses, light steel villa, prefabricated houses, etc. Our products are professionally certified, and the quality has been confirmed by customers for many years. Choosing us may be a good choice for you. The following comments are all customers' affirmation to us.

 I have been doing business with Putian House since 2014.

PTH Business visit

I had a pretty good impression on PTH at the first contact. Being honest, pragmatic, calm and responsible  won a good reputation for PTH. 

 I'm very familiar with PTH and we have good relationship.

PTH Business visit

 I have cooperated with PTH many times and their delivery time never delayed.

PTH Business visit

It’s a nice trip to communicate with PTH face to face.

  I hope we can cooperate to finish more big projects in the future.

PTH Business visit

The fully automated production line at PTH factory is really cool, and .I will choose to cooperate with PTH because I totally believe in their strength.

PTH Business visit

We experienced different countries and we have long standing relationship with PTH.

PTH Business visit

When I was visiting the PTH factory, I decided to work with them.

PTH Business visit

I watched samples and production equipment at PTH factory, and I am sure that this is the product I want.

A friend of mine has a long-term cooperation with PTH. He recommended PTH to me.

PTH Business visit

  After I made my request, PTH provided me with a very detailed solution.

Working with PTH, I have no worries at all.

PTH Business visit

After my first collaboration with PTH, I planned to work with them again.

PTH’s teamwork is pretty good .

PTH Business visit

I know PTH through their official website, their products are very attractive to me.

My friend and I came to China for the first time. All the staffs at PTH are very friendly to us.

PTH Business visit

I sent the inquiry by mail. The salesperson of PTH sent me very detailed product information, and our communication was very pleasant.

PTH Business visit

PTH has arranged professional engineers and installers to my country, which greatly shorten the project period.

During the production process, PTH provided me with a production progress report through pictures and videos, which made me feel at ease.

PTH Business visit

The installation drawings and videos they provide are really detailed.

A very satisfied cooperation!

PTH Business visit

I am very concerned about the logistics issues, but Putian can provide us with the best transportation routes, commodity inspection and other services.

PTH Business visit

In the field of steel structure building, Putian prefabricated houses may be your best choice.

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