TINA COOK - European Champion

"The horse knows how I'm feeling, if I'm hot, tense or uncomfortable then so is the horse. Likewise if I'm cool, confident and relaxed. Powell sign, seal and deliver every time."

European Champion

LUCY WIEGERSMA - Ranked 3rd in the World

"When the pressure is on and things are tough, I need to be focusing on the job in hand NOT on my safety or my body protector. That's why I use Powell."

3rd in the World

RODNEY POWELL - Badminton Winner

"I've tried them all over the years, but nothing even comes close to my Powell Equipment"

Badminton Winner

TAMSYN HUTCHINS - 6 Times British Team Member

"The difference is in the detail. Obviously I want a quality product that provides maximum safety, but I also want a product that looks good, hence Powell Body Protectors."

Junior British Team

EMILY KING - Investing in the Future

Regardless of whether you're hacking down the lanes or your competing at the Olympics, everybody deserves the best body protector in the world. You can't put a price on safety, which is why we strive to make our products affordable for everybody.

The Future

When it Matters

You'll be glad to know that both horse and rider walked away from this.
Luck 5% : Powell Body Armour 95%

When it Matters


COMING SOON - Powell online shop

Benefit from our manufactures expert fitting advice when buying your Powell products. You will be able to use our new sizing calculator to find your exact size, or speak to one of our highly experienced body protector fitters either by phone or email. We will make sure you get a perfect fit no matter what your size and where you are in the world. Purchase your products quickly, easily and safely through our easy-to-use secure online store and your goods will be dispatched within approximately 48 hours by one of our official Powell retail stockists.


The 2012 version of our most popular body protector the 'Elite' Series 7 MK2 comes with a choice of two different back options. Choose from the 'Flexi-Back' - for riders who want extreme comfort and flexibility, it utilises 4 layers of super-soft Nastec gel foam for rapid moulding to the wearers shape. Or choose the 'X2ESP' [Enhanced Spinal Protection] which is available on both the 'Elite' or 'Pro' models, for people who feel the need for increased spinal protection from their Body Protector. With X2ESP, the centre back panel reduces the transmitted energy from sharp impacts to the spinal region to less than half the amount required to pass BETA level 3.


Once you have visited our Products and Fitting pages, this amazing, interactive tool enables you to customise your new Rodney Powell Body Protector. Just select your favourite design from the options available, then drag and drop your chosen colours from the on-screen palette. It’s a great way to check out your design before you buy and perfect for those with an individual sense of style. Click here to open the NEW interactive body armour designer


Rodney Powell Body Protectors

At Rodney Powell we have been manufacturing the world’s best selling horse riding body protectors for over 23 years. We pride ourselves in producing over 200 sizes of equestrian body protectors, as well as offering bespoke sizes, to ensure everyone receives the perfect fitting garment. This market dominance has been achieved due to our experience and depth of knowledge, combined with research and development gained from leading sportsman. We continue to push the boundaries, giving rise to the latest cutting edge designs as well as protection well beyond the standard. This protection is the end result of drive, passion and precision.

In a fast changing technologically driven world, we believe it is paramount that technical advancements, in both materials and concepts, are capitalised on for both rider safety and rider comfort.




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